About Matt.

I've worked as a web developer and designer since 2007, working with now well over 600 businesses throughout New Zealand. I have helped hundreds of SME's as well as large public and private sector companies with their digital activities and systems.

My scope of knowledge covers a vast area of web development, from coding complex systems through to designing wireframes, to suggesting ways of increasing sales online.

As well as operating my web design firm, me and my team also have developed powerful, easy to use web-based business tools that help businesses save time and money by leveraging the power of technology.

I like working with businesses who want to achieve, who want to go somewhere, who want to take action and get results. Persistence, passion and people are my keys to success.

I personally have great interest in business, automotive, gaming and personal development. In my weekends if I'm not working, I'm cleaning my car, dining out with my wife, gardening or enjoying great music!

Matt & Chanelle Reid

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